Wedding Thank You Wording

Care should be taken by the bride or someone she delegates the job to, to itemize all gifts and their respective givers. Then the wedding gift thank you cards should be written one by one. This may take days or weeks, depending upon the number of gifts, but it is essential to thank each person. Holding onto the thank you’s until they are all done and the envelopes addressed prevents omissions and mistakes, such as a recipient being thanked for the wrong gift. Once the cards are written, the envelopes sealed, addressed and stamped, it is time to mail them.

Some brides have the misconception they have an entire year in which to write their wedding thank you cards, but they are sadly mistaken. As the months go by, their guests will notice they have not received a thank you and may wonder if the couple even received the gift. One of the purposes of the thank you note is to assure the giver his gift has arrived.

One bride, believing she had all the time in the world (one year) to write her thank you’s, never did sit down to write them. At her one year anniversary, she said, “It’s been so long I don’t think anyone remembers.” Unfortunately, she was wrong. Her disappointed friends did notice they were never properly thanked and shared her etiquette breach among themselves.

Wedding Thank You Wording

A thank you card for a wedding gift that is only a sentence or two gives the impression the bride and groom are hurried and not all that appreciative. Although the newlyweds may want to move on with the rest of their lives, care should be taken to convey a true spirit of gratitude toward the guests who made their day so special.

The tone of the thank you cards should be appreciative and conversational. The note should include a reference to the actual item received, what it will be used for, and the words “thank you” or “we appreciate.” Extra sentences to “pad” the note, perhaps an aspect of the wedding or something about the honeymoon vacation, are always interesting to read. This takes a bit more time but the recipients usually appreciate the couple’s writing more than a standard thank you. One bride in Michigan wrote long notes that took her months to complete, but thirty years later her efforts to show true gratitude were still remembered.

Sample Wedding Thank You Card

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Smith,

It was a pleasure to have you at our wedding, and John and I want to especially thank you for your generous gift of $100 to us. There are so many things we need as we start our lives together, and it has been very helpful. We decided to spend it on the hotel costs during our honeymoon, as we went to the Bahamas. We enjoyed our stay there very much, and the beach was so relaxing after all the busyness of planning the wedding.

We are truly happy together, and we were so glad to have such a great wedding with all our friends and relatives to share our day, like you. Thank you once again!


John and Jane Doe

It’s a good idea to write only a few thank you’s at a time as they can begin to sound all the same. Also, maintain a grateful attitude while writing and take breaks when it starts to feel like a chore. Eventually they will get done and the newlyweds can wrap up the last detail left from their wedding day.

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