Wedding Centerpiece Reception Games

When guests arrive at the reception, many eye the centerpiece with hopes of taking it home. Whether it’s a flower wedding centerpiece, one that features candles, or one that has a more creative bent, the bride should select a way guests can win the centerpiece at each table.

Of course, the bride may also decide to give her centerpieces to special people, perhaps close friends and family. In that case, the DJ or band leader can announce toward the beginning of the reception that the bride and groom have selected some friends and family that helped them with the wedding planning process to receive the centerpieces in thanks and appreciation. Send those people a note (perhaps include that information with the invitation) so they know who they are that day and know to take a centerpiece with them when they leave the reception.

Wedding Centerpiece Theme

Perhaps one of the most common ways of giving away the centerpiece involves placing a sticker or a penny beneath one chair at each table. Check that this technique wasn’t used by previous rentals and make certain that the rental company is okay with this. If using stickers, have them connect to the wedding theme – butterflies, seashells, leaves, cowboy hats, etc.

Another option is to number the place cards or escort cards so each table has the same numbers (1 through 10, for example). The DJ asks someone other than a guest (the photographer, a member of the wait staff) to call out a number. The guest at each table with that number wins.

Fill-in-the-Blank Giveaway Games

Before the reception, the bride selects a qualifier. The guest at each table that meets that qualification wins the centerpiece. Go with common qualifiers, such as whoever’s birthday is closest to the wedding day, the person who is oldest, the person who traveled the furthest, etc. Couples can be creative with this. Make sure that the DJ or bandleader knows your plan.

Reception Games

If guests would appreciate a more competitive edge to winning the centerpiece, try asking one person at each table to take out a dollar. The DJ plays music and when he or she stops the music, the person holding the dollar bill wins the flowers. The person who supplied the dollar gets back his money.

Alternatives could involve the person to the left or the right of the person left holding the money winning the centerpiece (this outsmarts the ultra competitive types). Instead of using a dollar bill, use a napkin, the salt shaker, or a small item that is worked in with the table arrangement.

Another game involves a treasure or scavenger hunt. If the wedding is large, the DJ or bandleader could announce that the first person at each table to pull a specific object out of their pocket or purse wins the centerpiece. Give the DJ a list of items as backup in case the centerpiece isn’t won at every table during the first round. For example, a non-black cell phone, a piece of tissue, a compact, breath mints, antacids, lipstick, $50 dollar bill, etc.

If the wedding is small (fewer than ten tables), the DJ or bandleader could go from table to table with a pre-arranged scavenger hunt. The leader makes it clear at the beginning of the game that the guests at each table will have a different item to look for in their pocket or purse. The first person at the table who produces the object gets the flowers.

Giving away the centerpieces at a wedding can be straightforward or involve a game. Another option is to announce to the guests that arrangements have been made to give the flowers to a local nursing home, to cheer the residents.

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