Prayers for Life: A Good Marriage

Both spouses’ needs are met in a good marriage. Indeed, there are important elements that promote a sense of well-being in the marriage relationship. The article outlines five essential ingredients for a good marriage with prayers for God’s help to empower you and bless your marriage.

Prayer of Commitment for Married Christians

God can make your marriage relationship thrive, and you and your spouse can enjoy feelings of well-being and belonging. Begin with a prayer asking God to give you the power and strength to commit to improve all areas of your marriage relationship. Pray this prayer with you partner or on your own.

“O Heavenly Father, thank you for the gift of the special bond of marriage. Today, I ask for the power to love my spouse unconditionally with the same love that you freely give to me. I seek to enhance these five ingredients in my marriage starting today. Father, I thank you that I can do all this through you who give me the strength I need.”

Scripture: Ephesians 5:22-33

What is a Good Christian Marriage?

In marriage, two individuals are united, they “become one flesh” (Ephesians 5:31). It is in this atmosphere that you are able to meet each other’s need, and to grow your the fullest potentials as individuals and as a couple. Start with a focus of improving these five areas and expect to see improvement in your marriage relationship.

Commitment and Love in Christian Marriage

Love is an essential ingredient for the well-being for both persons in the marriage relationship. Similarly, commitment is the demonstration of loyalty and faithfulness between you and your spouse. This commitment means sticking together through happy and challenging times.

Effective Communication Between Christian Partners

Good communication helps you and your spouse to understand each other better. You are able to share thoughts, feelings, and deep needs with each other. Similarly, active listening is necessary for good communication. This involves giving attention to your spouse who is speaking, and seeking to genuinely understand his or her point of view.

Sense of Belonging

You will need to help your spouse feel that he or she plays an important part in your life. Start with expressing acceptance of your spouse by speaking highly of her or him. Always be respectful of your spouse’s feelings. What is more, embrace the uniqueness, and value the contribution your partner can make.

Shared Intimacy

Spouses need to have a sense of connectedness in their relationship. This means that you are responsive to the needs of your spouse and you know all aspects of each other. It is being able to share and be open to each other without being afraid. In such a loving relationship, you are not afraid because “perfect love drives out all fear” (1 John 4:18).

Quality Time

Set as a priority and spend time together consistently with your spouse. Besides, make good use of the time you spend together. This means finding ways to show you spouse how much you love him or her. You will need to find time to share and connect with each other, through sharing hobbies, interests, and even weekend getaways together.

Declaration of Blessings

Close with words of God’s blessings on your marriage. Make these declarations daily, and believe that God is at work blessing and enriching your marriage.

“God’s blessings rest on our marriage relationship today and for the rest of our lives. Our relationship grows stronger each day. We love each other with the love God has given us. We are empowered to forgive each other. We are blessed in every area of our marriage for God’s blessings envelop our lives and marriage”

Spend time each day with your spouse to share and pray with each other. You might find this devotional “Lavishly Loved to Love” helpful on your journey to enhance your marriage relationship.

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