Make a Valentine’s Day Wedding Proposal Magical: Find the Perfect Time and Place to Say Will You Marry Me

For centuries men have been searching for the right words, the right time and the right place to ask for their beloved’s hand in marriage. With Valentine’s day just around the corner, the opportunity to make a marriage proposal magical is ideal.

The Timeless Rules of Romance

No matter the trends of decades past, present or future, the rules of romance remain the same. Keeping in mind that a marriage request is, by far, the biggest question of a lady’s life, these are guidelines a prospective groom can keep in his back pocket.

  • Have the talk. Be sure that a life together as husband and wife has been a topic of conversation before purchasing a ring.
  • Her interests are second to none. In other words, the man should choose her favorite restaurant. Bring her favorite flowers. Play her favorite music or watch her favorite movie, etc.
  • Couples only.The moment a groom-to-be asks for his true love’s hand in marriage is private and intimate. After the ring is on her finger, there will be plenty of time to celebrate with family and friends.
  • Prepare for the unexpected. If planning for an outdoor proposal, remember weather is unpredictable.
  • There is so such thing as too much romance.Don’t just ask the question. Although a man planning to be married may be a bit nervous, he should practice his speech and elaborate on why he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. He should tell her why she is the love of his life without a fear of embellishment.
  • Get down on one knee. It may seem overrated, but it is the golden rule of marriage proposing. It is at the heart of every girl’s marital dream. Men need to be sure and look up at their future bride and maintain eye contact.

Planning a Marriage Proposal is a Virtue

Once the rules of proposing have been committed to memory or at least to paper, planning is the next move.

Consider when a wedding ceremony and reception may take place and schedule a proposal along that timeline. Weddings generally take at least a year to plan, therefore; a June bride would need a proposal in the Spring, one year prior.

Get her parents involved. While asking for a daughter’s hand in marriage is somewhat outdated, it is respectful and allows the parents and family an opportunity to do some planning of their own.

Allow ample time to secure any type of reservations, especially for a Valentine’s Day proposal. Restaurants or theaters are often booked early, particularly on a significant date. A gentleman should inform staff or employees at venues of his proposal plans in the event that he may require their assistance.

Finally, an ambitious man should not be afraid to ask for help. Should a prospective groom’s schedule be a bit too hectic to plan a proposal effectively, he should reach out to professional planners, his best friend or perhaps her closest friend to assist in the preparations.

Whether whimsical or dramatic, a man with the intention of proposing marriage who follows these simple tips this Valentine’s Day will be one step closer to winning the love of his life.

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