How to Throw a Great Bachelorette Party: The Perfect Hen Night For All Women & Budgets

Most bachelorette parties involve women going bar hopping in large groups or staying in to enjoy strippers and lots of alcohol. While these are pinnacle parts of a hen night, these get-togethers can be even more than that. By having both day and night events, the bachelorette party can be done on a budget and include all the bride’s friends.

By separating the party into two events, the women who cannot make it to one part have a chance to enjoy time with the bride on her last single day out. Mom’s can also bring their kids to the day event, but should be warned about any inappropriate games played during that time.

Bachelorette Day Event

The day portion of this bachelorette party can begin at anytime, but it is recommended to begin sometime later in the afternoon. This is a time for sober socializing, games, eating and opening gifts for the bride.


  • Parks: During the summer months, a park may be the perfect location since it provides a tables for food and games and lots of room for both kids and adults.
  • Hotels, Townhalls, Game Rooms: Several hotels, restaurants, bars and townhalls will rent out meeting rooms and game rooms for a small fee. This may be ideal for winter parties, and are excellent if you want to keep the party more private.


  • Catering: Having food catered in takes the pressure off the hostess and guests, but may also cost a pretty penny. If the party is at a hotel or restaurant, they may offer the room for free if you hire them to cater.
  • Snack Foods: Sometimes it’s okay to offer snack foods like chips, pretzels, veggie, meat and cheese plates and other finger foods. It’s easy and cheap and perfect for early afternoon.
  • Pot Luck:The cheapest way to cater the party may be to ask everyone to bring something to pass. This way, everyone offers something and one person isn’t stuck with the bill or cooking all day long.

Games for Guests

  • Bride and Groom Quiz: Hopefully the guests at the bachelorette party will know the bride or the groom quite well. This quiz was designed to test their knowledge of the bride and groom. Put together about 10 questions about the bride, the groom or the couple together and provide the guests with a pen and paper to answer them. After the quiz is done, the bride will give the answers. Whoever gets the most right, wins a prize.
  • Cucumber Condom Races: Divide the guests into two teams. On each team, each woman must apply a condom to a cucumber and take it off before passing the cucumber to the next person. The first team to have all members complete the task wins a prize.
  • Pin the Member on the Man: Like “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” guests will attempt to pin a man’s “member” on a poster with a memberless male. The person who pins the member the closest to where it belongs wins.

For the Bride

  • Decorating the Veil: Decorate the bride’s vail with condoms, penis candies, and funny buttons.
  • Open Presents: The bride opens presents from friends. Great adult themed presents like lingerie, straws and cups shaped like penises, and t-shirts that list goals the bride must complete by the end of bar hopping are ideal.

Bachelorette Night Event

It’s now time to go out. At this point, everyone who’s not going out will say good night. For the girls that are participating, they will receive goals that they must complete, be given a scavenger hunt, or items to sell throughout the night. It’s time for drinking and celebrating the bride’s big day. Have fun!

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