How to Save Money on a Wedding Dress: A Bride Can Have the Wedding Dress of Her Dreams on a Small Budget

Some brides fret because they don’t know how to save money on a wedding dress, and still look fantastic. Some brides are afraid to compromise on the budget for their wedding gown because they are afraid that they will have to sacrifice style, but brides don’t need to worry. A small budget for a wedding gown simply means that a bride need to be more resourceful. There are multiple avenues brides may take to save money on their wedding dress and still look like a million bucks.

For Wedding Gowns That Won’t Break the Bank, Head to David’s Bridal

David’s Bridal sells inexpensive, high-quality wedding gowns. It is one stop shopping for many brides because it sells bridesmaids gowns, rents tuxedos, sells wedding stationery and much more. Racks of wedding dresses are at a bride’s disposal and she can choose her accessories to go with her dress before she leaves the store. They have bridal consultants who are always ready to help and because there are 300 locations nationwide, most brides won’t have to drive far to visit one. Their $99 wedding gown sale is definitely a reason for a bride to hop in the car and visit a store.

For Great Discounts on Wedding Gowns, Brides Should Visit

Their website is worth mentioning because of the amount of wedding gowns, the quality of the designers and the deep discounts that are on the site. Brides may think they only sell used wedding gowns, but that is a misconception. Many of their dresses are brand new and the tags are still on because a bride has decided on another wedding gown or a bridal salon is selling their samples. There are upscale designer gowns for 50% off and other wedding gowns for as little as $250. The site typically has duplicates of popular dresses and many can be altered. With more than 4,000 dresses in stock and hundreds more being added daily, no bride has to worry about her dream wedding dress getting away from her.

Sample Sales are a Bride’s Dream

Sample sales are popular among brides because of the discounts, but they can be chaotic. To reduce the stress from a sample sale, a bride must plan. Brides should call bridal salons and subscribe to email notifications to confirm when a bridal salon will have a sample sale. Arriving early and wearing clothes that enable brides to dress and undress quickly is necessary. Brides need to discover their most flattering silhouette and what elements they want in a wedding dress before the sale begins. Shopping at a sample sale means that brides won’t receive the same attention they would normally receive if they were not shopping at a sample sale. Therefore it is imperative that brides have a strong idea of what they want in a wedding dress. Otherwise a bride may lose her dream gown.

Seamstresses and Dressmakers, a Bride’s Friends

Talented seamstresses and dressmakers can create a couture wedding gown on a mass-market budget. Everything is crafted according to the bride’s measurements and she plays a more active role in the creation of her dress, from selecting the fabric to deciding the dress’s design. Before choosing a dressmaker or seamstress, a bride should speak to former clients and request to see some of the seamstress or dressmaker’s work.

Beware of Deep Discount Wedding Dresses

Today’s brides have unlimited resources for finding inexpensive wedding dresses, but they must be aware of pitfalls. Brides who purchase their wedding dresses online should ensure it is from a reputable retailer. Brides who want a custom-made dress, should make sure the seamstress or dressmaker gives an approximate completion date for the dress before the dressmaker or seamstress has started constructing it. All brides should know the steps to take if they are displeased with their gowns or if they need to cancel their orders.

Brides who want to save money on a wedding dress will have to do more research than a bride with an unlimited bank account, but all of the research will pay off when a bride can spend her savings on that exotic honeymoon they always wanted.

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