How To Plan a Winter Wedding: Tips on Co-ordinating Winter-Themed Nuptials

There are plenty of advantages to planning a winter wedding. Here are a few ways brides and grooms can take advantage of nuptials during the winter months.


Strapless dresses are popular for brides year round. If one’s heart is set on wearing a white, strapless gown, it is fine to wear it in the winter. Just make provisions to buy a beautiful wool or heavy wrap (even fur if one chooses) to wear with it. This will make any outdoor photos and walks to and from the car that much more manageable. The same provisions should be made for bridesmaids who are wearing strapless dresses or gowns with thin straps.


Whatever venue is chosen for the occasion, take advantage of season and allow the wintry weather to inspire the decorations. Choosing material like velvet in unexpected ways is sure to wow guests. A white, velvet runner, is one option while a white muff for the bride is another.

Christmas ornaments with a tag hanging from them that bears the bride and groom’s names as well as the wedding date make ideal party favors for the guests to take home with them. The ornaments can also be placed in the center of the table during the reception to add to the decorations. Using a theme of winter white or darker green, mauve, or maroon would also work well for the reception.


One of the advantages of getting married in the wintertime is prices are often lower than the more popular summer months. Some wedding planners might be less busy too. At some venues, there are fewer bookings at this time of year giving brides and grooms more choices. Since many hotels and venues will already have their own holiday decorations up, this can help the bride and groom save money sparing them from having to do as much decorating.

Planning for the Unexpected

While getting married in the winter has its advantages, one of the biggest disadvantages is the weather. Unless one lives in a tropical climate, there is always a chance of snow or sleet putting a damper on a winter wedding. Watching the weather forecast can help, but make sure provisions are made.

One idea that might help is if both the wedding and the reception are held in the same venue. If this is the case, no matter what the weather is doing outside, at least the guests will not have to travel to another location once they arrive at the reception. To be on the safe side, make sure all ceremony and reception sites are equipped with heaters. Hire a bridal consultant who is accustomed to handling such logistics and any crisis that may occur. It will help the bride and groom sleep easier the night before

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