How to Dress Hip Bridesmaids

How to Dress Hip Bridesmaids: Make Your Girls Shine – and Thank You Forever

How to Dress Hip Bridesmaids

Oh, bridesmaids. They can be tough. First of all, it’s very rare that your friends would be a similar size and shape, let alone have the same style and look good in the same colors. Then you add your wedding colors (which were not picked based on other peoples’ skin tones), cost effectiveness and dye-to-match shoes, and you’re looking at a disaster on your hands. Follow the following tips to dress your maids well so they’re comfortable – as well as ravishing.

Keep Them Individual

Chances are, you’re looking at four or five very different people. Your college roommate, your sister and your cousin aren’t the same person, and the modern bride knows that. So forget all that matchy-matchy business and let them each shine through on your special day. Let them each have a unique element – from their whole outfit to picking their own shoes, a unique neckline on each dress or a different color (from a selection that you pick, of course). When they have their own touches, they feel like individuals and more like themselves while they help you through your big day.

Also, don’t insist on matching hairstyles. Today is not the day to make your goth sister sweep that hair into an updo. Remember, you love them for who they are every other day; today should be no different. Let them do their own hair, or if you’re taking them to the salon, let them pick how they want their hair done.

Consider Universal Style

If you want them to be uniform in at least some ways, that’s very possible. You should just consider the universal factors before whipping them all into the same dress. First, consider colors that would look okay on all of them. Black is universally flattering. Shapes like A-line skirts are flattering on many women, and high-necked dresses often look classic on different body types.

Things you shouldn’t expect all your bridesmaids to do (unless they’re all models) are to wear strapless dresses (girls who are heavier on top just don’t work in this style) or to wear a color that looks harsh on any of their skin tones – greens and yellows especially can make paler skin look washed out and jaundiced. As a rule, before asking them all to go uniform, think about how each one individually would look in it, and then ask yourself how you would feel if you were the one who couldn’t quite pull it off.

Use Color in Accessories

If you have your heart set on yellow dresses to match your canary-yellow wedding, but it’s just not going to work on your girls, take heart: there are other ways to incorporate your colors. Why not put the girls in black dresses, and then give them each a canary yellow wrap and have some yellow roses integrated into their hairstyle?

Use the accessories you have to integrate colors in. That way, the girls will match the theme and the wedding without looking like they’re walking color swatches. If the dresses are classic, there’s a much better chance that your girls will actually wear them again, and since they’re probably coughing up money for that, it’s a show of goodwill to honor that.

Let Them Help

Finally, the most surefire way to end up with all-happy maids is if you involve them in the decision. Let them each pick a dress they like and then order them all in the same color, or if you can all decide on a dress, let them each pick their own color so they don’t feel so lost in the process.

Also, be sensitive to money issues – being a bridesmaid can be a pricey affair! Let them wear their own black shoes, for instance, to save on money, or do their own hair for the wedding. You want them to look beautiful and be a reflection of your day, but what really matters in the long run is that they are your friends and family, who you love and want to be comfortable in their own skin.

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