A Wedding Guitarist-An Alternative To Wedding Ceremony Musicians

Typical wedding ceremony songs that are done well by the church organist or the wedding pianist are nice and safe. With live wedding music or the normal wedding DJ song list, popular wedding receptions tend to sound the same. No matter how elaborate the ceremony and reception is, the music is about the same. For something different and unique, try acoustic guitar wedding music.

An acoustic guitar can play just about any thing the wedding organist or wedding pianist in the church plays. In most cases the wedding ceremony musicians are more than happy to share responsibilities with another musician and vocalist.

Wedding ceremony musicians at the church and reception play similar wedding songs and wedding music bands that play live wedding music no matter how good really don’t stand out in most guests minds. Of course there are some exceptions. With no wedding music band or wedding DJ song list to go by, your wedding might seem a little different and from my experience, that is what most bride and grooms want. Something different.

The Wedding Ceremony is Done With The Same Songs a Wedding Harpist Or Wedding Pianist Plays

Wedding guitarists can play classical acoustic guitar and sing through the lot of the wedding proceedings where louder organs and piano cannot. Playing religious wedding music during the church service along with the pianist or church’s organist can really sound fuller and the wedding music planner can add a lot more musical suggestions from the families. The small, subtle silent voids in the service can be filled in with a wedding guitarist who can use his voice and instrument properly.

The Wedding Processional songs, (where the immediate family members are ready to enter the church or synagogue and be seated) can be different and less dynamic than the Brides Entrance songs ( where the bride enters) The Interlude songs (they are the quiet parts during the ceremony where the bride and groom may light a candle as in the Catholic ceremony or offer flowers at the alter ) To the Recessional part of the service (where the couple is officially married and the celebration starts as they walk up the aisle)

This is where the music lightens up (The Wedding March) and becomes festive; a good musician can easily with the help of the families come up with the wedding service music guitar songs that could be picked out from a list by the Wedding Planner, family or the wedding guitarist.

The Wedding Reception Can Be Done With the same Songs Played From a Live Wedding Band

A good acoustic guitarist and vocalist should be able to fill the reception hall with contemporary and traditional wedding songs that everyone is familiar with. Wedding music suggestions for the reception should be given by the bride and groom. Wedding music list could come from the wedding music planner.

Standards for the wedding reception like the Groom and Mother Dance song and the First Dance, Cake Cutting Song and other popular traditional wedding music. A good mixture (Heart of Life) of top wedding music, wedding love songs, Gospel (Halleluja) wedding songs, Christian wedding songs, Popular Country (Sweet Home Alabama) wedding songs, R& B (Tears of a Clown) Dance songs, Romantic wedding music (Sara Smile)

If the wedding is on a beach then of course Beach Boys music isan option. If the wedding is a mountain then some John Denver (Rocky Mountain High) can help to make it as personal as possible. The possibilities are endless. Wedding music suggestions and wedding music can be found online. Other popular wedding songs like Down Under or Clapton’sOld Love or Eagles Best Of My Love

What the Wedding Guitarist Should Know & The Bride & Groom Should Know

There are acoustic guitar wedding sample lists on the internet. This will give the bride and groom and the acoustic wedding guitarist ideas of what the wedding guitarist should be able to play. Lyrics, sheet music, tabs can be downloaded. The guitarist should be able to carry vocals besides playing well. there is no point if they can’t play and sing. There are plenty of acoustic guitar music books along with sheet music that cover wedding music lists of romantic, traditional wedding reception songs.

He or she should have no problem filling a request as long as it is made at a reasonable time before the wedding and the arrangements made for an orchestra are not expected. The Wedding Guitarist should be more a part of the crowd than a normal live band. He or she should be one of the guest. In the middle of the room type of musician. A wireless microphone works well in the reception. The Wedding Guitarist should work alongside the MC.

The idea of an acoustic guitar wedding music is a practical way of delivering a personal arrangement of beautiful and romantic & favorite wedding music that layers the visual sights of the day and smooth them out connecting the dots, leaving the bride and groom totally in control. Your own Wedding Song Album.

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