10 Tips to Writing Wedding Thank You Notes: Make Showing Gratitude Easy

Many couples begin to receive gifts as soon as they announce their engagement and continue to get gifts until a year after the wedding. Here are ten tips to writing the thank you notes for those gifts.

  1. A couple should begin to make this task easier as they are putting together the guest list. Type this list, so multiple copies can be printed off. As a gift arrives or is opened, the couple should write down the gift next to the guest’s name on this master list. Keeping track of the gifts is half the battle and will make a huge difference in the process.
  2. Remember to write down details about the gifts as they arrive. Don’t just write down vase, because the couple may receive more than one. Instead write, “gold vase from Nordstrom.” This will decrease confusion.
  3. Write thank you cards as soon as a gift is received. If a couple receives gifts before the wedding, they should strive to get the thank you notes done before the wedding. Finishing them as they arrive will make the task seem less intimidating.
  4. Split up the work. Both partners should write thank you notes. If it’s his family member or friend, let him write the thank you card, because it will be more personal.
  5. Create a thank you card writing area. Select a comfortable area and put all necessary thank you card writing materials nearby. Place thank you cards, pens, stamps, and the wedding gift list at the writing station.
  6. To make the task more fun, couples could invest in nice note cards that have their new married initials monogrammed on them. Only use these after the wedding.
  7. Don’t attempt to write all the thank you cards in one sitting. Don’t make the task worse by setting unrealistic goals.
  8. Use blue or black ink to write the thank you notes.
  9. Many couples receive money for their wedding gifts. In a thank you note a couple should explain how the money will be used. For example, “Thank you for the generous gift. We are putting it towards the down payment of our first house.”
  10. Make a note or check off the gift after the thank you card has been written, sealed, and mailed to the guest. Couples don’t want to send out more than one thank you card to the same person.

Don’t let the stress of writing thank you cards become overwhelming. Take a deep breath and follow the ten steps above to simplify the process.

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